Slytherin Quidditch Jersey

$80.00 $70.00


$80.00 $70.00

10 available for Pre-order only. Each Order includes: Jersey & Golden Snitch Necklace


Only 10 of each House is available for pre-order. Available for Pre-Order Only.

All Pre Orders include Golden Snitch necklace. All orders to be delivered by early September.

The 2019 “golden snitch series” quidditch jerseys were designed to pay tribute to each house’s heritage, personal traits, and elemental bonds. These jerseys are about telling the story and showcasing the personalities of each house.


The Slytherin crest features an aggressive serpent, ready to strike. This symbolizes the readiness in all Slytherin students to strike and take advantage of any and all opportunities.

Opposite to the Slytherin crest is the Hogwarts’ school crest, in a grey shadow stroke outlined with deep green. This represents Slytherin’s belief that they are equal, if not more important, to all the other houses and to the school itself.

The jersey features a black to green gradient with a snake scale texture coming through and wrapping around the jersey.

The left shoulder features a watermark reflection of the crest, as a tribute to Slytherin s bond to the element of water.

The 9 and ¾ font on the back, a number universal to all Hogwarts students, is comprised of jagged peaks to represent a serpent’s fangs. Inside the nine the words leadership, cunning, fraternity, ambitious, cleverness can be found which are what all Slytherin students are made of, the words comprise and highlight the word pure in green, which stands for the purity of magic and blood within the Slytherin.

All Pre Orders include Golden Snitch necklace.

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