Gryffindor Quidditch Jersey

$80.00 $70.00


$80.00 $70.00

10 Available for Pre-order only. Each Order includes: Jersey & Golden Snitch Necklace


Only 10 of each House is available for pre-order. Available for Pre-Order Only.

All Pre Orders include Golden Snitch necklace. All orders to be delivered by early September.

The 2019 “golden snitch series” quidditch jerseys were designed to pay tribute to each house’s heritage, personal traits, and elemental bonds. These jerseys are about telling the story and showcasing the personalities of each house.


It all starts with a classic design for the lion crest. The house colors of scarlet red and gold are used in balance to give the crest a very regal and proud look and feel.

The Gryffindor quidditch jersey features scarlet red and black stripes on the front, which is a nod to the regal and classic look and feel that is Gryffindor. Over the heart the word Gryffindor is written in a gold script to further add to the classic feel.

Watermarked and rising from the bottom of the jersey are the words daring, chivalry, and brave. These are the core characteristics of all Gryffindor students and the text-style is to remind students to rise to the top. The words are also stylized to look like a rising flame, a nod to the house s connection to fire.

The right sleeve features the golden snitch which is representative of the ultimate goal in Quidditch as well as marks the series of these jerseys.

Gryffindor Full Kit

The reverse of the jersey features the 9 and ¾, a number universal to all Hogwarts’ students, in a bold gold gradient and classic font.

The lower corner of the reverse side features the Hogwarts crest designed as a branded mark with a bold orange around it. The greys and black within the crest mimic something being burned or branded onto a surface while the orange represents the fire still burning. This is all a nod to Gryffindors bond to the element of fire.

All Pre Orders include Golden Snitch necklace.

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