Due to Covid-19 Dart Frog Events has decided to close its doors for good.

We enjoyed partying with you for the last 2 years but with the unprecedented circumstance, we’re unable to continue operations across Canada. We apologize to our loyal customers who’ve been with us every step of the way since day one.

The federal and provincial governments will not allow for us to operate or encourage large gatherings for an undetermined amount of time. As a result of the financial hardship we’ve experienced, we’ve had to let our staff go and shut down operations.

With over 7000 attendees, a 5-star rating with almost 0 complaints we know our customers had an amazing time. Thank you for being with us during this time.

Kelowna & Thunder Bay

To all event attendees in Kelowna and Thunder Bay, we’re sorry we didn’t get to party with you as we had hoped. To receive your Harry Potter assets you’ll have to pay individually for shipping. We know this is not the best but after review, it’s the only option available.

You have 30 days to claim your T-shirt & Assets from July 13th until August 13th. Shipments and final closing of Dart Frog Events will be August 13th, 2020. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We understand that you’re taking on more of a payment so we are including $20 worth of added value with additional Harry Potter Assets and a strategy to get shipping down to $5 each. We also created an interactive Harry Potter Potions and Riddles booklet with a wide variety of riddles and drink recipes so attendees can have their own house parties using the book and t-shirts. Tracking #’s will be provided via email once the order has shipped.

If you join a group of 4 and are shipping to a single address you can get your shipping down to $5 each.

Shipping pricing 
1 person – $20.00
2 people – $10.00 each
3 people – $6.66 each
4 people – $5.00 each

If you are still interested in receiving your assets, please click the buttons below to be directed to the order form for your city.

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